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Tricks for Google Maps: squeeze the maps and discover all their functions

Tricks for Google Maps: squeeze the maps and discover all their functions

Tricks for Google Maps: squeeze the maps and discover all their functions

Every day, millions of users around the world use their mobile devices to reach their destinations. Whether for work or personal reasons, applications like Google Maps make travel much easier.

Over the years, the Google Maps application has evolved significantly and has included all kinds of functions that allow to know all kinds of data and details about the places we want to visit. All this has made the Google map application the most used in the world.

Tricks for Google Maps

If you use Google Maps daily to plan your routes, we are sure that these tricks will be of great help to you and can make things much easier for you.

Share our favorite places on Google Maps

It is clear that the main function of Google Maps is to help us reach our destination. But this does not mean that Google wants to make your application much more social.

To do this, Google has implemented a function that allows create lists and send them to other Google Maps users. In this way, our contacts can subscribe to the list and follow it from their Google Maps profile.

To create them we will only have to access the tab of a business, click on the add list icon and choose one of those that appear by default or create it ourselves.

Create custom maps in Maps

If we want to design our own route or our own map with the points of interest that we want to visit, Google Maps is also perfect. We just access the My Maps tool, specially designed for this purpose.

In this place we can find different editing tools to place markers or pins on the map and draw different routes. Later, we can export these maps to see them in the mobile application as if it were another layer.

How to know if there are many people in one place

Google Maps not only wants to help us get to a place, it wants to offer us as much information as possible about it. To do this, it tries to collect data in the form of images, opening information, menus and schedules, among other things.

But it is also capable of inform us of the number of people in a place. Something really useful, especially if we want to avoid large crowds.

To access this information we just have to access the information page of the desired location and look at its details. It is usually a pretty reliable information since Google collects information from users in real time, taking advantage of access to their location.

Plan a route with multiple stops

Not too long ago, this was a feature that was reserved only for the Internet browser version for computers. But that ended and now it is possible to establish a route with an indefinite number of stops.

This will allow us to avoid having to repeat the search and guide process with each of the destinations.

It is as simple as performing a normal search for an address or place of interest. Then, in the mobile application, we will have to click on the three points located in the upper right corner to display the menu and select the Add folders option.

Then, we only have to repeat this step as many times as we want to add new stops. Also, we can reorder folders at any time.

Use Google Maps with your voice

There is no doubt that Google Maps is of great help to millions of drivers around the world. And the possibility of using our voice to give orders with the Android app, makes it a perfect tool.

It will only be necessary to open the application and enter Start driving mode to activate direct navigation. From now on, all we have to do is say Ok Google .. followed by the desired address.

What is really interesting is that we can also search for points of interest during the route, ask for information about the traffic or ask about the weather forecast of our destination. A real wizard on the road.

Know the schedules of public transport

Whenever we visit a new city, it is always good to have information about public transportation and their schedules. And for this there is no better ally than Google Maps.

It is only necessary to search for a route, display the directions and click on the arrow that appears next to each of the stops. In this way, we will have the possibility of access the list of hours, knowing its frequency of passage or knowing if there is any combination that suits us best.

Download maps on mobile to view them offline

Although there are other applications that offer this function, the truth is that Google Maps is still the king thanks to the large amount of information and details in general that it has.

In this way, we will have the possibility of download parts of a map to our mobile device. Once we have it downloaded, we can search for streets or use the GPS navigator to reach our destination.

All we have to do is access the Offline Zones section of the side menu. Once here, we can select the custom area button to add a new map.

Although the space we can select is limited, it is more than enough to select an entire large city. In addition, we can also download the map of various places.