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Treycent, to create your own virtual assistant


It is no longer so strange to talk to our virtual assistants and some of us have become accustomed to carrying out certain actions only with our voices. For example, I myself usually ask Siri to open my Skype, without using my finger or searching through my folders. Now that we have broken the ice with our virtual assistants, why not create one ourselves, and more personalized?

That is what Treycent offers us, a website that allows us to create our own virtual assistant and that allows us to configure this assistant to perform certain actions via voice commands. Open data, SharePoint documents, YouTube videos, links to different URLs depending on the word we pronounce … to start using it, we simply have to go to the main website and create an account with our email and password.

A useful aspect of Treycent is that, in addition to its personalization-based tool, it will also be a useful service for teamwork, since we can share it with other co-workers and projects (in case we use it for professional purposes) if what we want is to transform it into a collaboratively created team assistant.

The tool is free for private use and teams of 4 members or less. If the equipment is bigger, it will cost us 5 dollars a month.