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Trendinalia, the most popular Twitter on a single page


Knowing what is popular on Twitter is not just an exercise to feed our daily curiosity, it is a good way to understand the rules (if they exist) of what goes viral in said content network, to know the community better influential media and training our ability to distinguish what’s news from what’s not.

In Trendinalia they offer a series of reports that can help us with the issue. They are graphics related to the Trending Topics of each day, classifying the information by country and showing, among other things, how long a specific word was on the most shared list on Twitter.

We can access the information of various countries by accessing their continent in the side menu, see their life over time during a specific day, know the geographical distribution of a specific TT and, of course, access the tweets responsible for such passing popularity.

In reality, it seems more like an experiment than a full-fledged project, since it does not contain information about the company or person responsible for the web, or privacy policy, or contact section, or logo … we can only read, at the bottom of the page, a text, without links, indicating that The Conversa (@laconversa) is behind the system.

Link: | Go geeksroom