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ToutApp creates a detailed report of our Gmail account in 2013


If as part of the year-end reviews we want to see how we managed our Gmail account in 2013, we can consider ToutApp. Like other years, it promises to create an infographic with the relevant data from our account.

Just by giving the necessary permissions, ToutApp will scan our Gmail account to create a report of our habits in this year that ends. The number of emails we have received, how many we have responded, what the monthly trends have been, the days that we have been most applied with our inbox, among other data.

All the generated data will be shown in an infographic that we can examine and evaluate the results. It gives us the option to print each individual image, or download it in different formats. One detail that we have to take into account is that, it is necessary to comply with some conditions so that ToutApp can generate the report, so we will have to temporarily change the configuration of our Gmail account.

If, before carrying out the process, we wish to review the procedure that follows to scan our email, we can review it in the FAQ. The process is quick and can help us get an overview of what has happened to our Gmail account this year.