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touristeye – Project in Spanish and English to travel with all the information in your pocket

touristeye - Project in Spanish and English to travel with all the information in your pocket

Javier Fernandez Escribano presents his new project,

It is a web and mobile travel guide that tourists can use to learn more about the destinations they visit and share the trip with their friends. Project developed between four people and with a different point of view, both from a technological point of view and in terms of user experience.

Plan the trip: From the web or in the mobile application we create the trip by adding the cities and towns that we are going to visit.

You can invite your travel companions to plan the trip together (your companions can be on Facebook, Twitter, etc).

View information: We can automatically see all the information of those cities (all texts, images, maps, geolocation, etc.) from the mobile phone.

Something very important is that you will have everything regardless of whether you have Internet or not, there are no roaming costs (very important when you travel abroad). You can see the restaurants that you have next door while you are in the Latin Quarter or the best routes in Amsterdam to go by bike.

Share the data: We can share photos, comments and evaluations about the trip we are doing with friends and family. While we plan the trip we can ask local people questions about the destination to visit and during the trip we can send messages, upload images and check-in at the places you visit (without the need for Internet).

All this information is geolocated and allows you to create a travel journal visible from the web and from your mobile. Your friends can comment on your activity during the trip and you can see and reply to these comments from your mobile as well.

With a model of collaborative content where each user can add the places they know, upload images and make reviews, with a license from the Creative Commons content, a combination of objective and subjective content, possibility of create carpooling with more people, comments from Facebook or Twitter, mobile application for iPhone and Android, fully offline operation, two languages ​​(English and Spanish) and excellent design, we have a new gem on our hands.

You can see more information and screenshots at, and