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TorrZan, the bot to download torrents on Telegram

TorrZan, the bot to download torrents on Telegram

TorrZan, the bot to download torrents on Telegram

Now you can download torrents on Telegram: this is Torrzan, a bot to download torrents from any device.

The fashion for bots has only just begun, all technology companies are betting on integrating them into their platforms. Bots want to be the new apps.

Telegram, The well-known cross-platform messaging application, which already accumulates more than 100 million users, has spent months allowing developers to create bots of all kinds, including creating contests with succulent cash prizes to encourage them to make unique and useful bots.

TorrZan, the bot to download torrents on Telegram

TorrZan is one of the last to arrive and, a priori, it is very promising: it allows you to download torrents directly through Telegram and also with three magic words that appeal to anyone: unlimited, anonymously and quickly.

As you can imagine, being a bot within Telegram means that we do not have to install absolutely anything and, of course, it works on any platform on which Telegram is available, that is, on Windows, Mac, Linux computers and any mobile devices (Android, iOS whatever system Telegram is on).


How does TorrZan work?Well, it gets into our Telegram as one more conversation, only on the other side we have a bot. For download torrents we have the quick way, which is to send you a download link or the magnet link; or search it, since the Bot has a integrated search engine that Search for the content that we ask for in the most popular torrent websites.

The search engine works without problem with popular and current content, but if it is less known files it can fail. Thus, TorrZan downloads the torrent automatically on their servers and once it is finished we have the option to download the file to the device or play it in streaming (when that option is available, which is not always).

Without installing anything: download torrents on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and more

Is private and no record of your downloads is kept, it is completely anonymous. Sounds great right? It is, so the free version is limited.

First time users who try TorrZan can enjoy 3 Torrent downloads of a maximum of 10GB each at unlimited speed, to try out the service. It is then limited to a maximum 1GB torrent at a maximum download speed of 50 KB / s. downloads without limitations, you have to pay per month (1 month, 9.9 $). You can find all the details on their website.

TorrZan, the bot to download Torrents on Telegram

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