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Topsy, the Twitter search engine, has been bought by Apple


In all the talks I give it always comes out Topsy. The fact of putting In front of any url to show the conversations that said link generates on Twitter, it is essential to analyze data on said social network (you can check it here), being able to search for content on Twitter separating the most relevant from the noise is extremely necessary. Topsy is a great ally of Communiy Managers, and now it seems that they are part of Apple.

This is reported in The Wall Street journal, although the news has not yet been confirmed by either Apple or Topsy: Apple buys Topsy for $ 200 million.

An advanced search engine for content on Twitter, a tool that helps to discover the most popular, to separate the straw from gold, to detect the most relevant users of this social network … why does Apple want something like this? We have already seen that Google bought similar projects in the past, necessary to be able to include the ingredient of social networks in the algorithm that orders the results in its search engine, although in this case we are talking about a protagonist who does not have much relationship with the web social, at least I didn’t have it until now.

We await official confirmation from both parties to try to better understand what Apple is up to.