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Tools to know how our readers use our websites

Tools to know how our readers use our websites

Those of us who work creating websites have to frequently leave the role of webmaster to enter that of the visitor, trying detecting possible problems and facilitating the navigation of those who visit the web for the first time.

One of the sources of information that I frequently read to learn more about this world is, which offers a lot of information on how to get done. usability tests remotely, obtaining the opinion of users from all over the world who will browse our pages providing information about the experience.

Here are some of the tools recommended by, some of the many that comment on their website.

– One of the best known, with free test and available in 20 languages.

– Offers a video with the experience of the users who participated in the tests. It is not free and it is not in Spanish.

– Record facial expressions, so we can know what users say with body language

– Very easy to configure, with available videos and free trial.

– One of the cheapest. We create the questions and see the responses of our test users, with click maps available.

– We can create projects for free, importing the map from our site and waiting for the test results.