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Tools to download Netflix content are starting to appear

netflix downloader

Netflix started offering the possibility of download some of their titles on users' mobile devices, a function appreciated by millions of people who do not have a good quality Internet connection 100% of the time.

The idea of ​​this feature is to allow people to download a movie or episode from a series while the internet connection is good, so they can watch it when it is not so good. The problem is that there are not many titles that are offered to be downloaded, although they promise to increase the list constantly.

Meanwhile, pirate options begin to appear on the market.

In torrentfreak they just presented Free Netflix Downloader, an application for Windows that only needs the url of a Netflix video (something easy to obtain in the web version of the platform) to start downloading its content.

The video it generates is not in full resolution, and has no system for subtitle selection, but it is still powerful enough to leave copyright owners, and Netflix itself, concerned, who can see how its content is concerned. it leaves its platform to distribute itself off it without any type of control.

Free Netflix Downloader it has been created by dvdvideosoft, who promises to keep expanding the features as your new software becomes more and more popular.

The only way to combat this type of product is to offer the possibility of downloading content in all Netflix titles from within its own platform, preventing the file from being accessed directly from the computer. Parallel solutions should be kept from becoming more sophisticated than those offered by the company.