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Tockit, a new form of user interaction with TV


Tockit is a new mobile application that comes to our stores under the category of videomatching, or what comes to be a new way for users to interact with the content they are seeing on television via mobile.

In this case, and without the need to synchronize the mobile with the TV or to connect one to the other, the viewers will only have to point to their television so that the device identifies the program that is being watched automatically, to be able to access Extra content, promotions, and more that will considerably increase the television experience and that will allow us to browse related content from the phone.

As Javier Bentez, founding partner of Tockit explains:

With this technology we offer the possibility for any brand or program to achieve the greatest interaction with its public, even splashing them with their actions and for them to decide to participate in that interaction because that will bring them great advantages and rewards for watching television. . In one sentence: Get the collection TV for the users.

To this day, Tockit continues to grow and offer the advantages of the app to different brands that agree to use Tockit as a support. For now we can download the application for iOS in this link to iTunes and for Android here.