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To save files directly to Dropbox from Chrome


We have different options that allow us to save files to Dropbox directly from the web, among which we find Download to Dropbox.

It is integrated into Chrome, making it easier for us to download files to our Dropbox account while browsing the web, from the context menu of the browser. To start using this proposal, we have to install it and give it the necessary permissions.

Create a special folder within our Downloads from Chrome account, where all the files that we download in this way will be deposited.

When we want to download a file (images, PDF, audio, etc.) we just have to choose Upload to Dropbox and the process will automatically start. We can track from the icon that has been integrated into the bar of our browser, where in a kind of manager we can show the weight of the file, status, and some extra options.

This proposal can be very practical for us, since we will not have to abandon the task we are carrying out to coordinate the download of the files. We can also customize some of the options that we find in Configuration, according to our criteria.

If we do not like it or it does not adapt to our work dynamics, we can revoke the permissions and uninstall it from our browser at any time.