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To create a reservation system on the web


They present us with a new reservation system that we can create from

It is an application that, for a monthly fee of 50 euros, allows you to create a website where visitors can reserve a day and time to be treated, with the flexibility necessary to manage from a rural house to a hairdresser.

We can choose what percentage of the service we want to charge in advance, use a communication platform with customers, receive real-time notifications every time someone books, add a store on Facebook … all integrated within your existing platform for creating virtual stores .

The result, which is saved in a subdomain of the site, can be personalized with templates and altered to offer various forms of payment: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery.

It is not the first nor is it the last platform to allow reservations in online stores. Already in 2011 we talked about schedulething, last year we saw some solutions of this type for events, such as beatswitch, for example, and recently we saw how projects like Restalo offer that possibility to restaurants through platforms such as ressbook. In our language we also have my, with more affordable prices than Palbin, all of them allowing them to be installed by those who do not have programming knowledge.