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Tips for our articles and blog headlines


After analyzing in a previous post some tips and tricks for choosing good headlines and articles for Twitter and Facebook, originally published in Buffer, it is the turn of the blog world, which also shows that following certain guidelines will generate much more participation and reading.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the headline of a blog post, a topic that a few have already talked about and for which we already have the odd technique. In this case, we are recommended to start first by doing a few tests on Twitter: we publish a tweet with the idea we want to write about, in the form of a phrase, quote or headline. If the tweet becomes popular, we will know that the topic we are writing about will be broadcast, and we can, of course, also carry out the test with several different headlines to see which one generates the most RTs and use the same technique on Facebook, all prior to publication. from the blog post. Conclusion: use twitter to validate potentially interesting topics, while playing with the headlines.

One of the best studies done on the topic of creating good post titles, by Iris Shoor of the Takipi company, has studied in 100 top-blogs what type of headline works best, concluding that there are three key factors to generate a good title. .

The first, include large numbers in posts, inserting them in lists, always in the form of a digit and not a word and placing the number at the beginning of the headline (example: 8 tips for …, 15 applications that …).

The second, include words in our explanatory articles such as introduction to, beginner’s guide, guide to do ____ in 5 minutes, etc. It has also been shown that it is much more effective to publish an article under a title of the type Guide to organize your day in 5 minutes than publish it under a How to be more productive when organizing your day. The first headline emphasizes to us the important thing: that we will be able to carry out the task in question in just 5 minutes.

Third and just as important, to know what are the words that make a post more viral (the words pointed out by Takipi are in English, but we can also follow the advice in the posts in Spanish). Words like smart, surprising, science, history, hacks, huge, big or critical, they assure us, are almost guaranteed success (as long as the content is of quality, of course).

We hope that these two articles have been useful to you. Here in Wwwhatsnew we will take them all into account.

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