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Tips for finding a job on LinkedIn

Tips for finding a job on LinkedIn

There is no doubt that at the present time and when the widespread collapse of societies does nothing but place ourselves before acceptance as the only escape route, entrepreneurship merges and integrates as a new way of life and finds a talent to put at the service of a foreign need, is the gold pursued day by day, re-tweet after re-tweet.

When we talk today about job search, we can extend its primary definition and cover aspects such as strategic alliances, the construction of work groups, the consolidation of student teams and yes, also, the identification of new clients!

And when we talk about job search and social fabric, we focus on Linkedin, the professional social network par excellence that without haste but without pause, shows us continuously and in real time, the talents of others.

Linkedin is efficient, it is undoubted. With just one URL, any company, client or collaborator can access who we are, what we do professionally and on what our influence is based. But like all social platforms, tools, applications and resources, they do not show their efficiency unless we take efficient actions. Lindedin alone is not going to knock on the door with the job = business = opportunity we hope for.

How to optimize our actions on Linkedin to find employment?

The profile, the origin

The first thing we must do at Lindedin is to have a profile that really is a presentation of your talents, qualities and achievements. What message do you want to convey and what is the sustenance of your growth. Without a good profile Lindedin it does not work!

Relations with companies. The best way to take advantage of the exhibition that Linkedin allows us

Searching for companies related to your market or industry that are hiring staff is the best way to increase your visibility, it is not necessary that they look for professionals of your profile, but simply approach them, you can learn from them and you are close, just in case.

Take advantage of the interaction, to transform your contacts into opportunities. The best we can do on LinkedIn is to expose ourselves, participate in groups and interviews, it is the best way to start a contact

Identify what you can deliver and show it.

When we use the LinkedIn profile to promote our actions, we are ignoring one of the essential permissions of success in Social Media; the focus should be looking forward, no matter what you want or dream to do, the key is to identify what companies are looking for in professionals like you and focus on it. Again, focus groups are the best way to identify the message of the brands, which determines the type of professionals that make up their ranks, so you can evaluate your branding strategy and adapt it to the real, dynamic and changing needs of the new business fabric.

Show yourself the betterr

Undoubtedly, we have witnessed a paradigm shift of great relevance at the present time, and it is true that training stands as a sine-qua-non requirement to gain influence and achieve growth, however, it is the ability to form organized teams And through self-taught learning based on the information obtained from social action, we manage to incorporate our specialization as a strength. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, brands are looking for new professionals with a social chip, we already have the machines.

Tell them who you are, what you do and why you are interested in the brand, which ones you think of any of its processes and also give them your vision as a consumer. Today we are all prosumers and that, is a quality that we must take advantage of in the job search, to give the companies with which we want to work, our point of view on a good or service, constitutes a source of very relevant information for brands.

Don’t be left behind

In the same way that vertical structures based on inefficient and speculative production models have reached the end of their useful life, we can affirm that social media is anything but aesthetic, broaden your searches, reinvent yourself, adapt and confirm yourself with the resources existing, see what is demanded, what is needed and how you can adapt your message to satisfy it.

Linkedin has undeniable advantages to build our social brand and be prepared for the search for employment = alliance = collaboration = business = opportunity. That is the great challenge, transforming Lindedin into our first successful branding strategy!

Source: LinkedIn Blog