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Tipbit – A new mobile email client


The problem with creating an email client is that there are as many uses of email as there are users in the world. Some use email as if it were a chat, others as a task manager (with labels, filters, dates, plugins, etc.), others as a message entry that they consult every two or three days, others as a base of information data to consult later, others such as a private facebook … the flexibility in organizing the content and filtering what arrives has allowed reading the email to be much more sophisticated than a few years ago.

With that in mind, and remembering that there are thousands of people who have invested a lot of time in configuring their Gmail, Outlook and company to increase productivity on a daily basis, it is a real odyssey to create a universal email reading application. on the mobile.

Mailbox I already tried it, and it did so well that Dropbox bought the solution, Google tries hard to improve its client for mobile phones and Outlook … well … outlook already allows IMAP so that it can be read from other applications …

The case is that a new protagonist appears, for the moment only for iPhone, which pretends, like all revolutionize the way we have to read email from the mobile. Is about Tipbit (, quite attractive in its design and with integration in the social web to consult the profile of those who send us messages.

It is presented as a solution that brings together calendar, email, contacts, social networks and documents in a single application. We just have to swipe to access profiles on the social web, accounts in dropbox, etc. as we see in his presentation video:

Attractive but … be enough to conquer users ?.