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Tiny Tiny RSS – your feed aggregator for your dedicated server

Tiny Tiny RSS

Since Google announced the closure of its Reader service for July 1, many of us have begun to look through different alternatives with a magnifying glass to consider. Blogs, forums and mailing lists are at this point choosing the best possible options, basically agreeing on the same options. One of these options is in the self-installation of services on our own web servers, if we have them, for which we already mentioned Selfoss, although now we bring you a more complete option, Tiny Tiny RSS.

It is an open source feed aggregator, under the GNU GPL license, where we have elementary options, easy to configure, and extensible through plugins. Its interface uses AJAX to display content dynamically, supports RSS, RDF and Atom feeds, allows import and export of OPML subscriptions, can be used by one or more users, and even interesting articles can be shared on various networks social.

It also has an application for Android terminals, available as a trial for 7 days for free, although you can buy the key to unlock its functions forever. For use on Android terminals, the wiki remembers enabling Enable external API in preferences. The application source code is found on Github.

Perhaps the somewhat more complicated part of the installation is when updating the feeds, for which, the wiki itself offers various ways. Keep in mind that Tiny Tiny RSS works best on dedicated servers, not being supported on shared servers, although it may work.

Link: Tiny official site Tiny RSS