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Timely, project time tracking manager


We focus again on a new productivity tool designed to track the time we spend on different projects for different clients, so that based on this, we charge them according to the time we have invested. The new tool is called Timely (, and as indicated by ArticStartup, it was initially launched in May, but its founder, Mathias Mikkelsen, seeing that it offered features similar to that of the competition, has chosen to create a new one. version with a completely different vision.

This vision consists of programming the time to invest in each project of each client in advance instead of creating and completing the details after having carried out the corresponding actions, or to understand it better with the words of the founder himself, instead of wondering what has happened. done this week you wonder what you are going to do this week.

In this way, both on the web and on the iPhone under iOS 7, users have before us different pricing plans, with the first being completely free but limited to a single user to carry out three projects simultaneously.

When we register with any of these plans, before us we find a calendar on which we will include the projects to be carried out just by placing ourselves on top of each column belonging to each day of the week, where we will see a button with a + which We will press to adjust the project or projects that we are going to include that day. We can mark each of the projects as estimated or as registered, where in any of them we will have a timer, starting from scratch in the case of projects marked as registered.

Timely offers us the calendar function, the project management function, clients, and even a section to generate reports, which we can export as excel or PDF files, as we wish.