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Tim Peake has run the fastest Space Marathon ever

Tim Peake has run the fastest Space Marathon ever

Tim Peake has run the fastest Space Marathon ever

Tim peake he has succeeded: it is the first man to run a Marathon in SpaceBut he is not the first human to do so.

On April 24, 2016, the London marathon (as well as the one in Madrid), but there was a runner who would complete it without being in London. Furthermore, he was not even on the planet. It’s Tim Peake, abritish astronaut who set out to run the mythical distance from Space.

We already talked about Timel last December, when he announced that, after arriving at the International Space Station, he would run his country’s Marathon despite not being there.

How does a marathon run from space?

Thus, at the same time that the London Marathon began, Tim began to run in the International Space Station.

As you can imagine, running in space is not exactly easy and, of course, it is impossible to do it without outside help. put a harness on the torso that kept it hooked by the sides to the treadmill specifically created for the ISS.

ESA (European Space Agency) was updating its steps through the different points of the race. The difference is that, as runners on Earth passed through mythical areas of London, Timse traveled more than 100,000 kilometers during the 42,195 meters of the Marathon, flying over the planet.

TimPeake’s final time to complete the Marathon distance was 3 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds, a time that was within the margin that manages and that is still a very good brand. Here are the different times for points:

times tim marathon space

The first space marathon was completed in 2007

Despite being in zero gravity and thinking that the effort is less, the truth is that under these conditions the fatigue It is also larger (and the harness should not be exactly comfortable). Tim already ran the London Marathon in 1999, that time with his feet on the ground, in a time of 3:18:50.

With this feat, Times establishes a new Guinness Record: The fastest space marathon to date. Eye, not the first person to get it, but the first man. Until now, the record was held by the astronautSunita Williams, who in 2007 ran the Boston Marathon in 4 hours and 24 minutes.

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