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Tiendeo, portal of offers and catalogs of stores, launches apps for iOS and Android

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Tiendeo, a popular portal born in Barcelona and full of offers and store catalogs of all kinds of articles, presents its mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app has promotional information on business premises in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, UK, USA, Italy, India and France, and is available free of charge.

In addition to its good design, which they say has been awarded, what stands out in the Tiendeo mobile app is its ability to customize the offers it presents to the user based on its location. Thus, in addition to the offers and catalogs, show on an interactive map the closest physical stores where it will be possible to access the products and services offered, and even make reverse queries to filter searches by shopping centers.

The app duly categorizes the catalogs and offers available next to the area to which they belong (computer and electronics, home, clothing, shoes, toys, travel, etc.) and their respective validity, in fact, can be saved in Favorites to be at the Both of the date they expire. Finally, everything can be shared in the form of recommendations through social networks.

By the way, something curious is that it has a high frequency of Google ads displayed while viewing the catalogs, but they are deactivated completely and without having to pay additional charges just by going to the General section of the Settings menu within the app .

Link: Tiendeo mobile apps