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What is the next thing you want to do? Is what they ask us from TicTacDo, which will help us to carry out an activity of any kind simply by following a series of steps. It is a collaborative platform in which we have to tell them what we want to do, or else navigate through its different categories until accessing the activity we want to do.

Each activity will be based on the templates that users have created, so that we can well follow each of the tasks on the list that it already gives us in advance for that same activity, where we can delete some and introduce others, and even assign tasks for other contacts to perform and marking those tasks that already we have executed, or we can propose a new different template to organize that activity in a different way.

When we find a list of tasks to follow to organize an activity, we have a wall where we can leave our comments in real time so that we are kept in touch with other users with what we are organizing said activity.

In this way, we no longer have excuses to organize different activities, for fun, leisure, or even in the professional field, since we can follow a few steps, and even propose other ways of organizing them through new templates, so that you can serve other users. By the way, as it could not be otherwise, each activity can be valued and commented on by the rest of the users, which will also serve as a guide to opt for one organizational model or another.