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Three free online courses for WWWhatsnew readers: start businesses and Google adwords


Floqq sends us three more courses that can be enjoyed for free using the code WWWhatsnew.

The first of them is a course entitled How to create a company in Spain from scratch without dying in the attempt, a very short course, divided into six videos, showing the main steps that must be taken to create a company in Spain.

The other two courses are on Google Adwords, the Google advertising network. The first of them focuses on the Display network, a 30-minute course taught by Cyril Pierre, where we will learn aspects related to the structure of an account and the segmentation options. The second, also from Google adwords, concentrates on the basic and advanced concepts of Google Adwords for searches, teaching in 30 minutes how to follow and optimize conversions.

We will continue for the next few weeks offering Floqq courses for free, remembering that they are small grouped video capsules that professionals of various topics can sell from said platform, being able to participate in said community of professionals offering our experience using this format.