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Three curious websites to hang out


Not all the resources we recommend are extremely useful, increase our productivity by 300% or are technologically surprising, sometimes we like to make lists of curious things that we find online, and this time we have three links that will kill a few good minutes of your time:

– TrumpCNN: A website that allows us to personalize a CNN headline, in the Breaking News style, with the text that we want. Of course, it has Trump as the protagonist, so as not to lose the streak of applications of this type that are appearing lately. You just have to click on the titles that appear there and edit them to show what you want.

– Ocearch: a website that tells us the exact position of several sharks that are being tracked in real time. We can click on any of them to see the last movements made. Each shark has its name and characteristics in the side menu.

The objective is to offer data to the scientific community, but anyone can gossip for the good amount of data it offers.

– A website that helps us know how many km we have traveled in recent years. What it does is verify the data from Google location History and add the distance of all the journeys traveled since we allowed Google to save that information, thus obtaining a huge number that can be surprising.