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This will inform your browser of unsafe pages

This will inform your browser of unsafe pages

This will inform your browser of unsafe pages

The day has come, the Google Chrome browser is updated and this new version will mark all websites that do not use the HTTPS protocol as unsafe. Towards a safer Internet.

Security is everything on the Internet, today we already do a multitude of operations on the Net and share our data in services, online stores and all kinds of platforms, so we must ensure that the web we are visiting is really safe or there is a danger that our information ends up in bad port.

Luckily for all users, the protocol HTTPS It is becoming more and more widespread and now, with the latest movements of browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, the adoption will be greater.

Explicit notice of unsafe pages

Google wants one Safer networkAs usual, it has been months since announcing that with the Chrome 56 version it would start to mark all the websites as unsafe, practically forcing most websites to adapt, at least if they do not want to lose the user’s trust. Here we talk in detail about this, HTTPS is the immediate future from the web:

The HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a fundamental change that must be adopted, above all, by the pages where you log in, collect passwords or means of payment. Needless to say, any current online store must work under HTTPS, otherwise we do not recommend buying all, even if it is renowned.

Why Basically, with this security protocol the information between the client (us) and the server travels encrypted and therefore any data we have entered cannot be seen by anyone else on the way.

Upgrade to Chrome 56 now

With Chrome 56 the warning of unsafe page becomes more evident to the eyes of any user, we will see a message appear in the address bar a text very explicit such that:

This version is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux And as always you can download it for free from the official Chrome website. If you already have Chrome on your computer, you can force the update by going to Google Chrome Help Information and automatically start searching for and installing the latest version.