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This will be the new Firefox, with a renewed interface and options to improve performance

This will be the new Firefox, with a renewed interface and options to improve performance

This will be the new Firefox, with a renewed interface and options to improve performance

The new Firefox will include new performance options, with which we can get a faster browser.

Web browsers are already the most important software on our computer; With a browser we can do practically everything, without the need for other programs.

The downside is that the performance of browsers often leaves something to be desired. Everyone knows that a browser is a RAM eater, for example.

The options that the new Firefox bring

When our browser consumes more resources than it should, or loads pages slowly, normally the user cannot do much. Just restart the program and pray that it doesn’t happen again.

Even browsers that boast customization, force us to use resource-consuming features. The latest news they are working on at Mozilla can give us the tools we need.

They are the new performance options of Firefox, a section that will allow us change how the program works; including parts that are normally beyond our control.

It is still early to know the real scope of this new menu; in the end, work started just a few days ago. But there is already a more or less clear idea of ​​what we can do.

With the new performance options of Firefox, we can configure:

Animations on the interface

Firefox 57, expected in November 2017, bring a complete refresh of the interface; It will be more modern and in line with current trends, but not change so much as not to recognize it.

In addition to the static change, Firefox will now have animations when clicking on menus and buttons, downloading files and adding bookmarks.

If you don’t like animations, or your computer suffers when you use them, you can disable them in this menu.

Preload pages before accessing them

Preloading, or prefetching, allows the browser load items from next page that we are going to visit.

This functionality increases the speed at which pages load, but also downloads additional data that we may never use.

How many processes does Firefox use?

Firefox normally uses two processes, one for the program itself and the other for content (websites and apps).

Starting with Firefox 54, extensions will run on their own processes; This improves security and performance.

With the new option, we can dedicate more processes to content, if we want to prioritize its loading and operation.

However, we may not be interested in increasing processes like crazy, especially if we do not have a multi-processor.

The amount of RAM used by Firefox

Although there will be no specific option for RAM, the above functions will affect the amount of RAM that Firefox uses.

For example, each process needs its portion of RAM; so if we allow few processes the memory consumption will be reduced.

As you can see, the new Firefox looks very good; The news will be arriving little by little, and facing the end of the year we should already enjoy a completely renewed browser.