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This website tells us what our friends and neighbors are downloading


Download files by bittorrent without hiding the IP address it is not a good idea if the files in question cannot be downloaded for violating copyright or for violating some local law, as demonstrated by the site

This is a page that shows us the files that have been downloaded from the IP address from which you are connecting. It is important to note that every time we restart the router we usually connect with a different IP, so the content we see does not have to respond to what you have downloaded and what someone with the same IP has downloaded.

The web in question publicly informs the download logs of any IP that we report, and is capable of generating a link that we can send to a friend, a link that, when clicked, will tell what has been downloaded, so in this way We can know what anyone has downloaded just by sending a link.

It informs, at the same time, IPs similar to ours, so that we can browse the files downloaded by neighbors, by people with an IP very similar to ours. All without creating accounts.

On the site they inform that they can send the information shown to the authorities that request it, so if you are used to downloading protected programs, movies, series, and others, without using any VPN, keep in mind that your activity, or that of your IP is being registered somewhere.