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This man has jumped without a parachute from 7600 meters to a net

This man has jumped without a parachute from 7600 meters to a net

This man has jumped without a parachute from 7600 meters to a net

The first jump without parachutes from a great height is an experience not suitable for people with heart problems.

Luke Aikins has been skydiving for 26 years, so it can’t be said that the sensation of the fast approaching ground is something new to him. But in all his 18,000 jumps before, he had a ring at his fingertips allowing him to drop a saving parachute at any time.

The challenge that was set yesterday was very different; I couldn’t trust the parachute anymore, I was going to jump without one, and he was going to do it from a great height, no less than 7,620 meters. The feat was to be called Heaven Sent, Sent by Heaven, but would it end up on the dem, smashed to the ground?

What is training like a jump without parachutes from a great height

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Well, it’s not like Aikis is completely unprotected. He had a helmet, so something is something. And it was not going to land anywhere, but in a network of about 9.3 square meters. Of course, on the other hand the act was going to be broadcast to everyone (with a delay in case something happened) and his wife was present, so there was some pressure not to impact millions of people.

How does one train to jump without a parachute? Aikins focused on the most important thing, aiming and hitting the net.To do this, he made several jumps with parachutes, aiming at some PVC pipes placed on precipices; with each jump, his assistants brought the pipes closer and closer and Aikim had to pass between them each time, until they were happy. Aspects like the wind were going to have great importance on the day of the event.

Landing in the net had to be done on your back to avoid serious injuries (A network at 240 km / h was still a major impact), so he also had to practice the moment when he was going to change from face-down to face-up.

Historical moment for skydiving

He was not going to jump alone, but, at least to the last meters, he had several parachutists around him, among whom was his cousin, who was in charge of remove the oxygen mask when it reaches 5400 meters highThe helmet was not just for protection, but an earpiece indicated by sounds how high it was. Making the right moves at the right time was going to be vital to achieving the feat.

In the end, only he and the net would remain, arranged at such a height that it would dampen the fall, allowing all that speed to be braked safely. Or at least that was the theory

which was confirmed in practice yesterday. Everything went perfectly, as planned, and although everyone held their breath for a moment when Aikins hit the netThe doctors immediately did a check-up confirming that he was fine and that he had accomplished what no one had tried before.

This is a historical leap that almost did not happen. The previous days elSAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union did not give its approval to the television production of the event as it was too dangerous, and was about to stop the event; He even considered that the presenters, coordinators and specialists who worked on the project could be expelled from the union.

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An alternative presented 24 hours earlier was for Aikins to wear a parachute just in case, but he was against it, not only because the jump didn’t make much sense then, but because he was concerned that the weight and additional volume of the parachute would affect his performance. time to target. He knew well the effect that something as minimal could have on such a jump, because he had trained Felix Baumgartner for his famous stratospheric leap.

Finally, and just when Aikins was already on the plane about to jump, an agreement was reached and he was able to remove his parachute. Luke Aikins has achieved what he wanted, to make his mark in the history of skydiving and star in one of the most recent videos. shared of the day.