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This is what sending an email was in 1984

This is what sending an email was in 1984

This is what sending an email was in 1984

The following video shows us how simple it was send an email in 1984.

Wonderful Internet as we know it today, true?. We have within a click a whole world of possibilities, leisure communication options and if we do not find something, we turn to the wonderful search engines and we can spend hours learning anything we imagine.

Internet has become for many an indispensable element, what’s more, the new generations no longer imagine a life without being connected to the Internet, but the reality is that a few years ago things were not as simple as now.

Extremely simple: email in 1984

Send an email It is a task in which we can spend a few seconds right now. We have web access to different platforms such as GMail or Outlook and hundreds of applications that we carry on our mobile devices. In 1984 things were very different.

The video that you play on these lines corresponds to the television programDatabase, a space dedicated to computing and the new technologies of the time on the British chain Thames TV.

In 1982, one of the sections of the program was devoted to How to send an email. Yes, as you read, because the reality is that in those years you had to do many more actions than write the text itself and press send.

Sending a simple emailen 1984 was an odyssey

Disconnect the phone, connect to the modem, go off-hook and dial, communicate and access the system Micronet 800 (from which you could see news, information, download software) and so on until finally getting to send the email. Mind-blowing how things have changed, right? and the most curious or funny thing is that in the video they comment that it is a process extremely simple.

Equally curious is the program they dedicated to How to send a international email:

Or where they presented what it would be likebuy and pay for services through the internet:

Things have changed a lot and very fast in recent years. Do you remember what it was like before Google?Millions and millions of people today associate with Google, but the truth is that before this search engine emerged, there were others that were very popular, but they were not so lucky, here we review the most popular: