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This is the new Photoshop in 3D: A mesmerizing wonder

This is the new Photoshop in 3D: A mesmerizing wonder

This is the new Photoshop in 3D: A mesmerizing wonder

With the new 3D Photoshop, creators open up a whole new dimension, literally speaking.

3D has suddenly become fashionable; Microsoft surprised everyone with the new version of Paint, which allows you to work in three dimensions even if the end result is 2D (like paper).

Now it is Adobe that demonstrates what is possible with these new technologies; is Project Felix, and allow us use three-dimensional elements in our projects as easily as if we were working with layers, for example.

Photoshop in 3D is here

Achieving a realistic and convincing result in a job is not always easy; Photoshop artists do this using their tools, but it’s not exactly easy. Aspects like lighting or perspective they can turn a psima image into a phenomenon.

The idea that Adobe presents is to use 3D components in 2D images to achieve a much more realistic and attractive result. Among the 3D components we find different types of materials, models and lighting.

By placing the 3D object in the image, we can play with the perspective, the lighting and the type of material that we want to use. Thanks to advanced rendering, we can get photorealistic images.

Lighting is the most important thing when working in 3D; Felix is ​​capable of automatically create light sources from our image so that the 3D object fits perfectly with the environment.

Adobe bets on 3D

To get those 3D objects, Adobe you’ve added those three types of resources to Adobe Stock; There we will find thousands of examples that we can use in our projects.

Project Felix be available as beta at the end of the year; be available as an app for Windows 10 and macOS, only in English initially. Upon launch, it will be available worldwide to paid Creative Cloud users.