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This is the new Google login page, now available to everyone

This is the new Google login page, now available to everyone

This is the new Google login page, now available to everyone

The new Google login page It is already reaching all users: easier and more consistent across platforms.

Adding the search engine, GMail, Maps, Drive, Photos and the rest of its services, Google has billions of users worldwide under its umbrella and all of them log in with the same account in all places.

Sometimes we are not aware of how important it is to keep our Google account, is the gateway to a huge amount of personal and private information. Now the new Google login page arrives, faster, cleaner and maintaining the design from any device.

The new Google login page

A few weeks ago we learned that Google was preparing a redesign of its login website and now it is available to everyone.

If you try to log in Using your Google account you will see that it now looks much simpler, but on a functional level everything remains the same. We will simply have to indicate our username and password and we will access without problem. Of course, if you have two-step verification enabled you will have to go through it.

What is the objective of this design change of one of the most used pages in the world? Google indicates that they have made the redesign thinking of a more simple and clear, focusing all the attention on the login itself to make it more agile and fast to the users.

Faster while maintaining security

Also, an important point of this change is that this page now sports the same design on all devicesThat is, the interface is maintained between computers, tablets or phones, it is more consistent and therefore users can instantly identify it.

The last reason for the changes is to increase security, as in recent times we have seen many phishing attempts in which they pose as Google to try to steal user accounts. Unfortunately, it will be a matter of time for the bad guys to also copy this interface, so it will always be necessary to notice that we are facing an official and secure website:

If this new login does not appear to you yet, it will do so in the next few days, although from the search engine company they indicate that the previous version may continue to appear in some cases (by using an old version of the browser or disabling JavaScript).

Lastly, it is always a good time to review the Google account securityHere you will find a complete guide: