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This is the new 21st century blue screen of death with QR codes

This is the new 21st century blue screen of death with QR codes

This is the new 21st century blue screen of death with QR codes

The new blue screen of death is a sign that times are changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

The best-known piece of Windows software is, without a doubt, the blue screen of death (Blue Screen of Death, BSOD), the one that has burned the retinas of millions of users for decades.

Although in theory it is nothing more than a screen that shows information when the system fails, this happens very often, so most of us associate it with very traumatic experiencessuch as lost jobs and expensive repairs.

The screen you never want to see

For a long time Microsoft has wanted to distance itself from the bad image that this screen gives, without many results. What is certain is that with the latest versions of Windows this screen has lost prominence, but its function is still present and even in Windows 10 it is possible to face us if we are not careful.

Why are blue screens so feared? For many reasons, although the main one is that it usually means that we have lost what we are doing; but perhaps more important is that the screen does not show any useful information. It does not tell us what we can do to recover what we were doing, nor what software or hardware could be causing the failure.

At most, it shows us technical data such as the memory address in which the failure has occurred, or more recently, an error code that we can search the Internet for if there are more people with the same problem. And it is normal that this frustrates if,On top of that they interrupt you, they don’t tell you why.

Fortunately it seems that someone at Microsoft has come up with a possible solution to this problem of lack of information, and involves using the QR codes that have become so fashionable in recent years.

This is the new blue screen of death

The change comes with the Anniversary Update, the anniversary update expected in the middle of the year to commemorate the first birthday of Windows 10. Windows Insider users are already testing some of its news, and according to the reddit community, the new blue screen of death is already here.

At first glance this screen does not differ much from what Windows 10 already had, the only difference is the QR code. The idea makes sense, because even if the computer gets caught, normally we will have a smartphone at hand With which we can scan the code and obtain additional information about the error.

At the moment the QR code sends to, the website dedicated to solving errors that cause blue screenshots, but in the future it should be possible for Windows to generate the codes automatically and send us to different sections of the web depending on the type of error.