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This is the largest cruise ship in the world

This is the largest cruise ship in the world

This is the largest cruise ship in the world

A new giant goes out to sea for the first time: this is the Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built in the history.

If we talk about famous cruises, the Titanic is probably the one that comes to mind, but next to theHarmony of the Seas The latter would take all eyes for its imposing size.

In September 2013 a great project began: creating the largest cruise ship in the world. The work fell into the hands of STX France shipyards, the goal being to build the Harmony of the Seas for the cruise company Royal Caribbean International.

Harmony of the Seas, a floating city

Last Thursday and after all this time, the cruise left the sea for the first time, setting sail from the port of Saint-Nazaire helped by 6 tugs, in France, where it has been manufactured. The cost is about 1,100 million dollars, but it is not just another cruise.

Some of Harmony of the Seas cruise numbers:

  • 362 meters in length.
  • 66 meters wide.
  • Draft 9 meters.
  • 120.00 tons (By simple comparison, the Titanic weighed 26,000 tons).
  • Capacity for6,296 passengers.
  • And a crew of 2,384 people.
  • 16 decks.
  • And a water park with a 33 meter slide of each, another record.

As you can imagine, if the world’s largest cruise ship has a water park inside, what won’t it have. TheHarmony of the Seas can be considered a floating city, with different neighborhoods, more than 20 restaurants, areas with all kinds of themes, spaces for the little ones, theaters, a robot-controlled bar and much more.

The largest cruise ship ever built, in pictures:

Right now the Harmony of the Seass is still under construction, although in its final phase with about 500 people on board setting everything up. The fixed delivery date to Royal Caribbean International is the May 12So there is very little left for you to join the rest of the gigantic cruises that the company has: Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and the Anthem of the Seas.

The world’s largest cruise ship navigating the waters of the Mediterranean for a season, to later cross the Atlantic where they will also make tours of the Caribbean. In the following video you can see a timelapse of your construction:

More details on its official website | Royal caribbean