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This is how they tried to scam me on Twitter: at night and treacherous

This is how they tried to scam me on Twitter: at night and treacherous

This is how they tried to scam me on Twitter: at night and treacherous

Twitter seems like a safe social network that we can trust to solve problems and find help, but the bad guys are taking advantage of it to achieve their goals.

Everyone is on Twitter, and that makes brands have had to adapt to the situation. For example, now all kinds of companies give technical support through social networks, all in an attempt to get closer to users and solve problems earlier.

The big problem with this is that, although there are tools like profile verification to avoid it, there are users who take advantage of this to achieve their own ends. Come on, what these companies are posing to steal our accounts and do more damage.

How to scam on Twitter: take advantage of troubled users

This all started with an unauthorized charge that a server encountered on PayPal, a three-digit charge that would leave anyone uneasy – not to say nervous. Within this nervousness, the PayPal resolution center would not let me file a claim, so I resorted to leaving them a mention on Twitter (@AskPayPal) while still trying to file the claim.

My distress message received a message quickly from an account called @AskPayPal_US, asking me for the email. Once given, they asked me to tell them the code that PayPal had sent me to the mobile, and that’s when I realized the trap: what they were doing was try to forcibly enter my PayPal account. Once I realized it, the fake account immediately blocked me.

Yes, the fault in this case will be mine for not having verified that the profile that answered me was false, we will not deceive ourselves. And asking for personal data openly, without even going through direct messages or email, should have triggered a few alarms in my head. The big problem is that anyone could sting: it is an identical profile to the original and with the heat of the moment you don’t stop to look at those little details that separate a true profile from a false profile.

Yes, the fault in this case will be mine, but brands and responsible parties should maximize the safety of their tools.

And this is how many try to attack users in recent times; through social networks. More and more people have an account and use it, without the need for Internet experts, and These types of threats could hit them squarely without expecting it..

Users must exercise extreme caution, yes, but it is also important for brands and responsible parties to increase the safety of their tools. Many of its users do not have great knowledge on the Internet; They are especially vulnerable to this type of attack. We just have to go to the same account (now suspended, fortunately) to verify that many users give this data without thinking twice.