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This is how night mode works in Windows 10 Creators Update

The best alternatives to f.lux to take care of your eyesight

The best alternatives to f.lux to take care of your eyesight

We reviewed how night mode (Blue Light) works in the new Creators Update in Windows 10.

Night mode, or rather the Blue Light Filter, which is what it is really called, has recently been included in the Creators Update. The blue light emitted by the screens is said to be harmful to the human eye, which is why with this adjustment we will be able to rest the sight and the visual stress.

In this case, Windows 10 allows us to activate this filter from a specific time. We, for example, have established this time at 9pm, when more or less it is beginning to get dark and when our eye needs to rest so as not to have any problems at bedtime. However, the activation and shutdown time can be programmed as we wish. As well as we can establish the depth level.

How the night mode is activated


Until now we can only carry out this type of actions through third-party applications or through extensions for our favorite web browser, but things change by being able to do it natively. It works exactly the same, except that in this specific case we cannot make it activate little by little (in the form of degradation) throughout the day, but at the time we have established the change is direct. This is how we can activate it:

  1. We press the key Windows + i. The window of Configuration.
  2. Click on System and then we go into screen (the first item in the list, which should open automatically when entering System).
  3. We activate the night mode.

If we click on the link that says Night Light Configuration we can choose several modes: first, the Manual mode, which is simply that we will activate it so that we will choose when to be activated and when not, how it works in Android, for example, for those who have Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.


The other option is the programmed mode, where we can choose to have Windows recognize our time slot and determine when it should be activated, or where we can choose a preset time ourselves. On the other hand, we can also choose the tone of light we want: from warmer to colder, depending on the type of lighting we have in our house and according to our tastes.