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This Chrome trick helps you hunt the webs are eating your RAM and CPU

This Chrome trick helps you hunt the webs are eating your RAM and CPU

This Chrome trick helps you hunt the webs are eating your RAM and CPU

Despite the fact that it has improved considerably in recent times, Chrome is still a black hole that can devour all the resources of your computer.

It does not matter the years, versions and alternatives that arise. All browsers that are made mainstream they end up having some kind of failure that lapses the rest of their advantages. It happened to Internet Explorer and that’s why we switched to Chrome. Years later, as already predicted by Harvey Dent in The dark knight, the hero has lived long enough to end up becoming a villain.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most powerful computer in the world or one about to die, the little optimization of Chrome will suck all its vitality. Between tabs, extensions, runtime it is most likely that by the time you want to realize Chrome has eaten all your RAM and a large part of the CPU resources. Your energy consumption may have recurred in the last few weeks (and you no longer drink the laptop battery) but you are still far from solving the problem.

How to know which tabs to close in Chrome

Having many tabs open can cause the browser to waste unnecessary resources, especially if you are not using them, but the real problem occurs when any of them starts spending resources excessively. This, which can occur due to a bug or poor optimization of the web, can end up stoning the performance of Chrome and your computer.

If, like me, you have more open tabs than you can handle, it’s hard to know who is to blame. Also, there is no worse solution than to try blindly to see what the problem is. That’s where he comes in Task Manager from Chrome.

Hidden under the menu> More tools> Task ManagerThis tool allows you to know all the active processes of the browser and find out what is eating the RAM and CPU of your computer.

Each extension and each tab has its own process, so it is easy to know who is the culprit that is tripping your computer. Once found just select it and click End Process to finish him off.