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This app that turns us into anime characters is the viral of the moment

This app that turns us into anime characters is the viral of the moment

This app that turns us into anime characters is the viral of the moment

Meitu is the new app that makes us more handsome than it is being a sensation on social networks.

The apps that quickly modify our photos are some of the most popular in all stores; they usually offer an acceptable result without the need to learn complicated steps in an image editor.

The app that makes us more handsome, depending on what we consider handsome

Most of these apps increase the contrast and add effects to make our photos more spectacular; Instead, Meitu focuses on making us more handsome, changing and modifying our facial features.

Of course, the definition of handsome varies depending on each person. It is now that we have to remember that Meitu is an app from China; where beauty standards are somewhat different. In general, a clear and firm skin like porcelain, a slim figure and big eyes are absolutely necessary.

Meitu allows us to achieve that standard of beauty without the need for cosmetic surgery; Although we can also go over there and get real bites.

Initially, this app allows us to take any photo saved on our device, or take a selfie; then we can apply all kinds of filters and modifications to get an improved look?

A viral app that turns you into an animated character

Most of the options focus on lightening your skin, and removing blemishes such as acne or wrinkles; In addition, we have all kinds of filters and frames to achieve a stronger effect if possible.

Although without a doubt the functionality that everyone is talking about is Hand-Drawn; It automatically detects the features of our face and apply a style that we can only compare with that of an anime character.

Huge eyes, an ethereal aura around us and several kilos lessIt is a result that can be horrifying. You only have to search for the word meitu on Twitter to find many examples of what I’m talking about.

Meitu is not a revolutionary app, nor does it bring anything new. But it has managed to become viral, and that in this market is worth much more.

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Update: Meitu exceeds the permissions

The app of the moment also brings controversy: an analysis by Meituha revealed that it is sending a multitude of private user data to remote servers in China: