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They steal $ 13,000 in Dogecoin, the alternative to Bitcoin


It started as a joke and became a new virtual currency with quite a following. He Dogecoin ( is known for the meek dog face on his coins, a project that was born as a free code coin and gained great popularity on reddit, appearing in some official documents of the Indian government in the section of avoid this type of coins.

The fact is that at the same time that it gains the attention of investors and addicts to the financial adventure, it also gains the attention of those who are used to stealing, and it has been. The victim is Dogewallet (, a purse of this type of coins that has seen how 21 million dogecoins have disappeared from its database, totaling $ 13,000.

While the robbed ones complain in the forum, Dogewallet informs that to return the money to the affected ones, although at the moment it has closed its doors to avoid major losses with possible new attacks.

Dogecoins are easier to mine (14% of those predicted have already been mined) and, although the value is much less than that of bitcoins, it is growing quite a bit during the last few weeks, although it seems that no one is getting rid of them. crypto thieves.