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They manage to generate electricity with pochos tomatoes

They manage to generate electricity with pochos tomatoes

They manage to generate electricity with pochos tomatoes

generate electricity with tomatoes In poor condition it is possible, as several investigative teams in the United States are testing.

A pocho tomato doesn’t work very well in any preparation that comes out of our kitchen, but perhaps it can serve as a source of energy. 400,000 tons of tomato waste, so they are developing a method to take advantage of those residues.

The research comes from several teams of students from American universities, who have verified how you can create an energy source with tomatoes in poor condition if combined with biological electrochemical cells.

Tomato waste as a source of energy

The problem of such a quantity of tomato waste is that they end up in landfills where it is not treated properly and end up causing gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect like methane and in many cases they also pollute the water. Electrochemical cells come into play here, the main one being research.

Themicrobial electrochemical cellsThey include bacteria that are responsible for breaking down and oxidizing spoiled tomatoes, which are organic materials after all. During that process, tomato waste release electrons, which are used by the fuel cell to generate electricity and therefore create an energy source.

The research groups ensure that the final yield does not change depending on whether they are tomatoes in good condition or not, although obviously using those that are not suitable for consumption has great environmental benefits.

La Tomatina is a potential power station

At the moment the tests do not show large amounts of electricity generated, obviously it will not be the energy source of the future, but everything counts and they assure that with large-scale processing plants, taking into account the number of tons, s it is possible to achieve profitable results or, at least, cover other expenses in recycling plants.

It is not the first project that we see, nor will it be the last, with which they try to take advantage of the elements that we already have in the environment to generate energy. For example, we recently saw how you want to generate electricity with the movement of trees, sugar to generate electricity for days and even salt water lamps that do not need anything else.