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They manage to diagnose 17 diseases with a single breath sample

A group of researchers from the Israel Institute of TechnologyThey created a device that allows diagnosing up to 17 different diseases with a single breath sample from the patient.

Similar research, based on GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and nanoarrays, has long been done to analyze breath and diagnose a particular disease, such as gastric cancer.

But this new method that combines artificial intelligence with chemical sensors, allows diagnosing up to 17 diseases with the same sample, including Parkinson's, different types of cancer, chronic kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, pre-eclampsia, Crohn's disease, among others.

It has been tested on 1,400 patients, taking into account different criteria (age, sex, country, etc.) achieving up to 86% effectiveness. In the report they share with ACS NANO they explain in detail all the technical aspects of this new method, as well as the tests carried out.

The advantages offered by this dynamic are many. The device is portable, inexpensive, so it could be affordable for medical institutions in low-income countries.

In addition, it will save patients the pain and discomfort that traditional studies produce for the types of diseases we mention. That is, a low-cost, non-invasive technique that could be applied in different scenarios.