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These gadgets can help you reduce your stress

These gadgets can help you reduce your stress

These gadgets can help you reduce your stress

Stressed? These gadgets They may make you feel somewhat more relaxed.

Nerves and stress are normal, but at a moderate level and circumstantially. Many people suffer it throughout their life. However, they must be controlled because otherwise they could cause health problems.

Fidget Cube


Fidget Cube is the king of this type of device. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for stress. It is a six-sided cube that originally emerged from one of those Crowdfunding programs. Such has been its popularity that we can find it in many stores on-line at 10 times less price (obviously Chinese copies) and even in some physical bazaar. Finally they reached almost 7 million euros of financing (they had only 15,000 dollars as their objective). These are its possibilities:

  • Press. We have a face with five buttons in total. 2 of them are silent, while the other 3s make noise. It is obviously the substitute for makingclick with the pen.
  • Slide. The second face allows us to slide a jostick which gamer.
  • Flip a switch. We can do it both audibly and silently (if we do it slowly).
  • Another face imitates the use we make of the Worry Stones, which are like a kind of object with which we can relax.
  • It rolls on the mountain. With this spinning sphere (much like the ones mice used to use in the past) along with these three gears they will also help you release stress as you spin the pieces.
  • Turn. Finally, we have something very similar to jostick, only it is only possible to move it in a plane.

Fidget Spinner

There are many types of Finger Spinner. So many that even ourselves we can design and manufacture one if we have a 3D printer. They are basically made up of a plastic body and bearings (the ones used by skates or skates). It consists of having to turn the gadget while holding the center bearing with your fingers.

We can use it in various ways. Either we wave our hand to start it rotating, or we rotate it ourselves with our own fingers. What relaxes the most is trying to rotate it, but by the fingers of the same hand with which we hold it.

Moon ball

Even though this ball is from 2013, must remain on the list of best anti-stress devices. We can take it anywhere and play with it. It is not as hidden as the rest ofgadgets, but I know it gives very good results.

It is like the typical bouncy ball that we all had when children (yes, the one that we played in the chewing gum machine), but something more formal and for adults. That you feel very relieved when you played with one?

Bubble keychains


These keychains are pure love You never wanted one of those bubble bags but it never ends? This keychain is the closest thing to that dream. Some are made with buttons (like the ones on the Fidget Cube), while others are made from real airbags, only we can pop them over and over again.

Regardless of why, it is clear that bursting paper bubbles releases tremendous stress. Not many people who see a bubble wrap do not run after it to explode it. Children and adults, everyone.

OSM: Kinetisches Antistress


With this other gadget We may get stressed out just trying to pronounce his name. Obviously not as advanced as first, but we can relax while we change position Be careful with this because in the end we could end up turning it into a TOC!