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These are the Whatsapp video calls that will reach iOS and Android

These are the Whatsapp video calls that will reach iOS and Android

These are the Whatsapp video calls that will reach iOS and Android

WhatsApp video calls have a long time between the rumors of the application. After integrating voice calls, it is the logical step to compete against Skype or Facebook – its owner. And, thanks to the simplicity that characterizes WhatsApp, not to mention all the people who use it.

The point is that, hopefully it would appear, it most likely was not as we are seeing it. We say it because the first application to receive it has been Windows Phone. Yes, the Microsoft mobile operating system with more shadows than lights.

WhatsApp video calls, first on Windows

Responsible for raising the alarm has been a Spanish blog about Windows, OneWindows, which has echoed that the WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone now has video calls. These WhatsApp video calls DO NOT require an update, the change would be on the server by WhatsApp.

video calls-from-whatsapp-windows-phone-onewindows

Video calls are integrated into the button of existing voice calls, and allows us to select when we press on the phone. It is as simple as calling from WhatsApp and now, no simplicity varies that characterizes the messaging application.

The interface follows the design lines of Windows, although this design will not reach the rest of the platforms. The WhatsApp development team usually follows the design lines of each system when developing new functions. This means that they will most likely reach Android with Material Design, for example, or imitate FaceTime on iOS.

Regarding functions, we can change the camera that is being used, mute the microphone, and continue sending messages while we have an active call. The box of our video can also be moved between the four corners of the screen, for greater comfort.


The same blog has also echoed that the WhatsApp translation platform is preparing for the arrival of this feature. Requests for translations into Spanish have appeared indicating that this function will also reach WhatsApp Web. The particular exclusivity of Windows Phone seems to be numbered, in view of these tests.

We don’t know how long it will take for the feature to reach Android or iOS. We also do not know when to stop being in the Windows Phone beta to be in the stable version. In any case, WhatsApp video calls are very closeto arrive for everyone.