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The Zuckerberg Files: everything and more about the Facebook CEO


Curious website that we ran into today in Betabeat called The Zuckerberg Files, a website about the well-known Mark Zuckerberg where we can read about all his opinions and public actions. Created by academics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the website aims to become an archive where we can find information from Zuckerberg’s first Harvard interview in 2004 to the latest news and interviews related to him.

The objective is not much less that anyone can access according to what information: basically, we will have to prove that we are academics of the world of the social web to be able to access the page, always with the purpose of carrying out an analysis on the philosophy of the technologies of information and its monetization. On the same website we read the following:

By better understanding how the founder and CEO of Facebook views his or her own role in the company as it relates to the ethical policies and debates surrounding social media, we will be better prepared to critically join those privacy and Facebook dialogues, report designs, and recommendations. of policies, and user knowledge.

The content itself consists of more than 100 texts and transcripts representing Zuckerberg’s words (blog posts, statements, public appearances, media interviews, etc.) and also more than 50 video files available for download (divided both collections in Transcripts and Videos).