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The Walking with Dinosaurs movie will be accompanied by apps with augmented reality for children


Perhaps you have heard something about the movie Walking with Dinosaurs, a film that will soon arrive in our movie theaters, that children will especially enjoy and that will immerse us fully in the world in which dinosaurs live, following the life of a triceratops like protagonist.

The grace of this premiere is that the producers of the film have done a great job to accompany it with educational and fun applications for children, an effort that translates into a free iPad and Android application and an online game based on the film. We can find the game online on the same official website, but the really interesting thing comes with the Walking with Dinosaurs applications for mobile devices.

Both applications will use augmented reality so that children can take a virtual walk through the world of dinosaurs using the markers provided on the website (we can print them to use augmented reality wherever and whenever we want). With this, we can display models of all the dinosaurs that appear in the film and share the scenes on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to being able to play with the protagonists of the film and learn more by reading the information included in the app about all kinds of dinosaurs.

The applications can be downloaded for free from these links to iTunes and Android. We leave you here with the movie trailer so you can open your mouth: