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The value of Twitter, at $ 26 a share, is $ 18.3 billion


After many rumors and values ​​ranging from 25 to 28 dollars, Twitter has confirmed that its initial public offering will be 26 dollars per share, reaching more than 18 billion dollars, since they will be put within a few hours to the sale of more than 70 million shares of the company, with the initials TWTR.

We have been listening to the subject for several weeks, analyzing the documentation presented to be able to become a public company and comparing, how could it be otherwise, with the departure of Facebook, which did it at 38 dollars per share (although it began to plummet? during the following months). Twitter’s business model is more discreet, they do not have as many direct monetization options as Facebook, although it seems that the content network generates more loyalty than the social network Facebook, so it is possible that it not only maintains that value, it is very We may see it grow quite a bit in the coming months.

Members and subscribers will be able to buy up to 10 million shares within the first 30 days.

Here you have the Twitter note informing the data, we will be attentive during the next few hours to analyze your first moments as a public company: