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The ultimate selfie camera is a joke from Microsoft

The ultimate selfie camera is a joke from Microsoft

The ultimate selfie camera is a joke from Microsoft

Sprinkles is the new camera from Microsoft, which may be the best selfie app released so far, and all thanks to AI.

When it seemed that selfie apps couldn’t evolve any further, Microsoft came up with Sprinkles.

It seems strange that it is precisely those of Redmond who dare to innovate in such a market; not only that, but Sprinkles was launched on April 1 on the App Store. Not on Android, where they have a broader base; and just on April Fools Day, the equivalent of the Day of the Holy Innocents.

A prank that becomes the best selfie app

But Sprinkles was not a joke, even if it seemed so. It was a real app, although it took us a while to accept it. But it should not surprise us that Microsoft has dared with such an app, once we analyze what it does.

At first glance, Sprinkles is an app like any other. Allows us take photos and modify them with allor type of stickers, phrases in funny typefaces, and filters.

The result is not too far from what we can achieve with dozens of similar apps; although in its favor it has that we have at our disposal a huge number of stickers and emojis.

Using the Bing search engine, we can get hundreds of additions with a simple search.

Using machine learning to have fun with our photos

But the big difference is that in reality, Sprinkles makes use of the most advanced technologies that Microsoft has developed in recent years. And it is not an exaggeration.

For example, the phrases that we can put in our photos have been chosen by an AI using machine learning; Depending on the type of photo and what appears in it, put a different type of phrase.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has experimented with machine learning; and in fact, Sprinkles also brings together some of the previous experiments.

We can make the app guess our age, and we can also make it look how famous we look. These functions have already been launched as websites in the last two years, with great success.

The results depend a lot on each person, but are surprisingly accurate; especially thanks to the huge database that its creators got when the websites went viral.

It seems strange that a selfie app uses such advanced technologies, but that’s why Sprinkles is such an interesting alternative.

Sprinkles is available only for iOS, and there is no information on whether to reach other platforms.

Download Sprinkles for iOS