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The Surface Pro 5 will arrive in mid-May

The Surface Pro 5 will arrive in mid-May

The Surface Pro 5 will arrive in mid-May

It is very likely that the Surface Pro 5 will finally arrive in just a few months, perhaps before June.

Before June 21 we will have, in theory, the presentation of the Surface Pro 5. There are hardly any details yet known about this new version of the best laptop (according to many, and within the domestic range) with Windows, but I do know that there are other details.

It was in October 2015 when version 4 of the tablet-PC. Revolution, without a doubt, the market for notebook computers. While it is true that it has been a long time since the presentation of the previous version, it is rumored that the Surface Pro 5 may not bring many new features compared to the Surface Pro 4.

It will be as an update and not as a new version

We may face the most insignificant generational change since the Surface Pro were presented in 2013. And it is that rather it would be an upgrade, as we can see in La Voz de Galicia. Although it is true that the internal components will be completely renewed, this will not be the case with the design.

The wireless charging of the Surface Pen, a new Type-C connector and a 4K display It would be the latest in this new terminal, apart of course from how we said the renovation of thehardware, which in this case is more than evident. At the end of the day it is something that happens very commonly: the Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone and the Mac have already gone through this trance in which they do not present almost any update (without taking into account, clearly, the update of hardware).

It is spoken of the month of May, in the middle of the spring, to finally see the jump to the new version. In any case, rumors fully indicate that the filing date is within spring, so his announcement is imminent.