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The "Snapchat for nudes", the evolution of sexting by Pornhub

The "Snapchat for nudes", the evolution of sexting by Pornhub

The "Snapchat for nudes", the evolution of sexting by Pornhub

Pornhub has launched the so-called Snapchat for nudes, an application designed by and for adults.

Let’s face it, every time a new messenger app comes out, a good percentage of users think about how they can use it for sex. And I’m not just talking about young people with crazy hormones.

Messenger apps and sexting go hand in hand

Sexting is a good portion of the use of this type of apps, to the point that it is posing a real problem; for example, in cases of revengeful porn in which images and videos are shared without consent.

That is why apps have been created that automatically delete content after a while, and prevent it from being copied; Although they do not say it out loud, it is clear that these functionalities are oriented to sexting. To share photos and videos with the certainty that they will not end up on a XXX page like Porhub.

Notice. In case it’s not clear, this article is NSFW

Since sexting is so widespread among the audience of these apps, why not go one step further? This is what they must have thought of Pornhub, the popular adult video site. It’s funny, but some very interesting developments have come out of this page, half joking and half serious.

The Snapchat for nudes that makes it easy to share images

Now comes Trickpics. its new app for iOS and Android that aims to become the Snapchat for nudes; indeed, an app designed to share our dark body, but surprisingly it is not as dirty as it sounds.

And is that The main functionality of Trickpics are the stickers (or stickers), which have become so popular among messenger apps; Normally stickers are used to highlight parts of a photo or simply decorate it, but in Trickpics they fulfill a vital function.

The stickers are used to cover our shame. Genitals and nipples can be covered with all kinds of stickers, each one more funny; once you see them, there is no doubt why they have that shape and those themes.

Of course, these stickers can also be animated; If you always wanted two machine guns to come out of your nipples, this is your chance. At the moment Trickpics only supports images, but the plan is to support videos in the future.

Trickpics is an absurdly simple app; once we add the sticker we can share it with our contact list and through other apps. You don’t even need to create an account to use it. But in that simplicity is where his ingenuity lies.

An app that uses comedy to normalize nudes

Because if we think about it, Trickpics is an app that turns nudes into less embarrassing and more comic images; Obviously, it depends on each and every one, but many people will feel calmer sharing this type of images due to their comic theme.

You are not sharing a photo of a nude, you are sharing a photo of a snake emerging from your crotch, literally speaking. Are images that we can fearlessly share with more people, normalizing an act that is not always well seen.

You can see the available filters in the Trickpics official website, and install it for free on iOS and Android.

Download Trickpics for Android

Download Trickpics for iOS