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The small new features of Windows Creators Update that improve the experience

The small new features of Windows Creators Update that improve the experience

The small new features of Windows Creators Update that improve the experience

Small (but not less important) news that the Creators Update has hidden.

The Creators Update is loaded with news. Yesterday we already echoed the important (or rather, the largest). Today it is the turn of the smallest updates, but they will also make Windows 10 a much more manageable and useful system.

It was yesterday when Microsoft decided to officially release the update, although we had already tested it a week before thanks to the installation through the update wizard. We had a few days when basically anyone could update, only it wasn’t the final version.

Postponed updates

Windows 10 is a bit heavy on the upgrade side. Microsoft wants us to keep them up to date and that’s why it insists a lot: surely you’ve been doing a job more than once or simply browsing the Internet and suddenly your computer turns off.

As we see in ComputerHoy, with this new version we can not only postpone updates as long as possible, but also we will be able to establish schedules in which it is not mandatory to update.


That is, if I select that my work schedule is from 9 in the morning to 10 at night, during those hours the PC is prohibited from updating It’s finally over having to lose a job or put it off for a simple update!

The maximum time to postpone an update is 365 days if it is a simple update, while the maximum is 30 days if it is a security review or any significant change.

Folders or groups in the start menu

It was one of the most popular features of Windows 8. But unfortunately, it took a long time to add it. Until now it could be done through third-party applications, but not natively.


We are not referring to file folders, but to folders where we can put various icons inside. Thus, by clicking on the folder, we will have access to a group of applications. It is something very similar to what we have on Android and iOS.

Edge is also updated

Edge is the default browser (only with Internet Explorer) of Windows 10. We can not define it as the best option, because obviously there are many ahead (including Opera, whose development has given a tremendous break), but I know that it is quite good. It is certainly much better than Interent Explorer, which is undoubtedly still stagnant in 2007. Before going into any technical aspect, Microsoft has already ensured that the new Edge (although it really remains the same) blocks up to 9% more attacks from phishing and up to 13% more attacks from malwarethat your arch enemy Google Chrome.

Preview of open web pages


The most notable novelty is that has added a bar with a preview of the web pages we have open. It is something like the preview we have on mobile phones. The truth is that more than an advantage it could become a horror, but only time will know. So far, it has caused quite a bit of anticipation and has been a pretty eye-catching change to the interface.

Hibernating tabs


The hibernated eyelashes It is another of the four great updates that Edge has suffered. We can group several tabs and consult them whenever we want. The only problem with this is that we cannot hibernate tabs individually (which is really interesting), but we have to do it all at once.

Share link (like on mobile)


In the new Microsoft Edge we can share links as if we were on a mobile phone. It is something that Windows 10 applications lack: that they interact more with each other. It is not a big deal, as we can only share the link with compatible programs (Mail and OneNote, among others).

Integration with OneNote


As if we were in Microsoft Word or any office suite program, with the integration of OneNotetambin we can also underline, draw pictures, or even leave notes on the web page.

Night mode


Night mode was nothing new (we had actually tried many of the things on this list already). It is a blue light filter that removes blue color from the screen (which is supposed to be the cause of eye fatigue) at a certain time every day (after setting, of course). Ideal for those who work on PC until late (so that it does not affect sleep).

Greater security and privacy


We released a new security center from where we can check the health of our computer. It receives the name ofWindows Defender Security Center. Apart from all the security paraphernalia (antimalware, antivirus, firewall, performance check and web browsing security), it includes an improvement in parental control.


At last It is no longer necessary to use the Microsoft website to control parental control settings. Before, it could not be done from the Configuration panel itself, but we had to use Google Chrome or Edge to be able to change something (with the consequent search for the necessary link, which was not exactly at hand that we say).

As for privacy, we now have a little more control. We can, in a general way, select what we want to share with the company and what not. That is, share, for example, the location (so that they can obtain greater precision when it comes to displaying ads).

Larger text for 4K displays


4K screens, in general, are a horror when it comes to reading. And is that not all applications are prepared. Therefore, the most normal thing is that we will have to readjust the DPI (pixel density) of the letter so that it appears to be larger. So far we can only increase the lyrics by 175%, but with this update it increases to 500%.

Of course increasing the pixel density of the font to 500% is not recommended at all and it is very likely that we will come out worse off. The best thing is to go testing, little by little, and from 100%, what is the percentage of increase that works best for us.

Automatic deletion of temporary files


If you have a large memory, it doesn’t matter how many temporary files you have on your computer. If instead you have a very hard disk, each of the temporary files counts. With the Creators Update of Windows 10 comes the possibility of enable automatic deletion of temporary files (As long as they are no longer important, of course, they are for something).

Now there is no longer an excuse to remove the obsolete CCleaner or the like.

Better battery control


This change can go unnoticed, but it is quite interesting, especially for when we are away from home with the laptop (because at the end of the day at home we can plug the computer into the mains and voila). What they have done has been include a bar for more precise control over battery management.

Cortana customization


Cortana now allows two new things: be able to customize and choose the color in which the messages are displayed; recurring notifications. The first, obviously, is something merely aesthetic, but the second is already something more important: it allows us to choose notifications that are repeated, for example, every day at the same time (to take the pill that you have) or monthly or weekly notifications (to pay the rent, among other things).