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The shock that demonstrates advances in car safety in two decades

The shock that demonstrates advances in car safety in two decades

The shock that demonstrates advances in car safety in two decades

If you have ever been to Mexico, you will have realized that the streets are full of Nissan Tsuru. It is the favorite choice of taxi drivers in the country for being a simple and reliable car. A car made in Mexico that I saw its first generations in 1982, and that has given war for a long time.

However, and after selling more than 1.5 million units, the car has been unchanged for years. You’ve only seen two redesigns in all this time, you’ve never had security-related improvements, and most changes have been anecdotal. This made it very attractive, but also makes it a potential motorized and wheeled coffin.

The crash test that has brought colors to Nissan

On the left, this year’s Nissan Versa, a slightly higher-end car for sale in America. On the right, the Nissan Tsuru we are talking about in this article. Don’t be fooled by 2015, the car is still manufactured in the same way as in 1992, does not have any modern details. And with that said, you can enjoy the shock.

We will all agree that if we are going to have an accident, we want it to be with the Versa. The cabin of the Tsuru becomes porridge with the impact, the mannequin is crushed by the dashboard almost instantly. Meanwhile, the Verda cabin remains in one piece, and the mannequin is protected by two airbags.

This only comes to confirm an open secret. The Nissan Tsuru was the car that driving more than 4,000 deaths in traffic accidents between 2007 and 2012, and only in Mexico.

Why has the Nissan Tsuru lasted so long?


The key to the success of the Nissan Tsuru is the very reason that it is so insecure: its affordability. We are talking about a cheap but durable car, mechanically reliable and ideal for jobs like the taxi. AND this security test has been the cause that Nissan has decided to withdraw the Tsuru.

In any case, 2017 will be the year in which the Latin American market stops being able to buy a Nissan Tsuru. We shouldn’t cry over a car that insecure, but considering that it has made history, it is sure that many will miss it.