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The secret messaging app Trump uses to avoid being spied on

The secret messaging app Trump uses to avoid being spied on

The secret messaging app Trump uses to avoid being spied on

It is called Confide and, despite being one more messaging application, it is not like the rest:encrypted, ephemeral messages and screenshot proof.

We have a huge number of applications to communicate through our smartphone beyond the classic calls. Messenger apps, video, private networks the offer of this type of service is wide, with very varied characteristics, but in which security is increasingly important.

Interestingly, after Trump’s victory in the United States elections and the multiple cases of dissemination of conversations and private communications, many members of the Republican Party have switched to Confide, an encrypted messaging application that completely eliminates conversations as soon as they are read.

Confide, safe and ephemeral messenger


Confide is not exactly new, it has been in service for some years but of course, having to compete with alternatives such as WhatsApp or Telegram is not easy to get a place in the market. O s, among those users who are looking for maximum discretion and security with their conversations.

As the company presents itself, Confide can be used to Discuss sensitive topics, unfiltered brainstorming or opinions, without fear of permanent digital registration on the internet and without a trace of copies. What does it offer? Confide includes end-to-end encryption, so there is no chance that they will be intercepted on the way and not stored on servers.


Protection against screenshots

In addition, Confide adds the point of temporality to messages. That is, as a conversation can only be deciphered by one of the parties, at that moment it becomes vulnerable, you can take photos of the screen or take captures. To avoid that, Confide is ephemeral, once read, everything is deleted and disappears from the device forever. They are not stored anywhere.

Includes protection against screenshots and is available for Android, iPhone, supports Apple Watch and has clients for Windows and MacObviously Confide is not for everyone, but if you are curious you can download it free on Google Play and App Store.

In addition, for users who want even more security, they have a PRO plan aimed at companies and teams, with which the removal of sent messages is added (delete them from the other device before they are read), priority support, message distribution lists and greater control over this ephemeral and encrypted messaging application.