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The ransomware that returns your files if you betray your friends

The ransomware that returns your files if you betray your friends

The ransomware that returns your files if you betray your friends

A new ransomware that infects us through our friends is destroying many friends.

Ransomware is the fastest growing type of malware, and for good reason; because many people end up paying to decrypt their files.

The new ransomware discovered by MalwareHunterTeam is probably the first gives us the option not to pay; in fact, we can recover our files without dropping paste.

Is named Popcorn Time, and it has nothing to do with the streaming program with the same name; input, Popcorn Time works the same as always, encrypting our files.


It is posing as a normal Windows update, and the installation screen looks a lot like it.

The ransomware that infects us through our friends


The interesting thing is the message that appears when it ends, which gives us two options. The first is the same as always, make a payment to a Bitcoin account and wait for the key to decrypt the files.

The second option is more evil: we can infect two other people in exchange for receiving a free decryption key.

The program gives us a unique link, that we have to share with anyone; if two or more people install the ransomware and pay, we will receive the key we need.


This ransomware brings out the worst in ourselves; It is bad enough that it makes us lose our files, but it also makes us attackers.

It’s actually a genius. The creators of Popcorn Time know that many people use caution when clicking on links they find there; but if the link comes from someone you know, they are more likely to click it.

We do not need to share the link with our contact list; but two people are more likely to install ransomware if they are known and they trust us a little.

A message that makes us feel guilty for us to share


The message that follows is quite a psychological attack; the creators claim they are from Syria, and the person who wrote the message says that he has lost his parents and sister in the civil war.

They promise that the money raised by ransomware being used to buy food and medicine.

Needless to say, that is an attempt to the ransomware victim feels guilty, but there is something else.


It is an attempt that this ransomware is shared by social networksLike those good-intention messages that are so popular every time a catastrophe occurs.

You know, if you receive this ransomware, you should not pay under no circumstances; The good news is that they are in development, so if you are lucky you may find a bug to unlock the files.